February 7th, 2020



I went to the doctors today and have been signed off for another 2 weeks. So, more daytime TV awaits! He has also sent me to have chest x-rays, becuse although he thinks I am OK, 6 weeks of illness needs confirmation.

So, Jiffy gets to have company for a bit longer ... he gets lunch every day, so he thinks it's great!!

7 If you could step into the TV and be part of a TV show, which one would it be?
Well, I think it would be Dr Who (no I don't want to battle the baddies), but wouldn't it be great to be able to see history and geography ... visit places I want and see history actually happening. I wonder if the history books are correct!
Spike - thumbs up (Keep up the good work

The Friday 5

1. Can you do simple sewing repairs, such as replacing a button or rejoining a straight seam?

My Mum made all her own clothes all her life, and for many years, so did I.  In fact, with her help I made the 2 bridesmaids dresses for my brothers weddings.

2. Can you change a flat tire?

Before I was having driving lessons I had a dentist appointment, and Dad took me there.  On our way home we had a puncture, and Dad got me to change the wheel.  He said that if I could do it in daylight, then I could do it any time, and yes, I have changed a tyre in the dark (on a country lane)

3. Can you plan and cook a simple meal?

Yes - I can also do a posher one.  I love baking as well.

4. Can you rewire a lamp?

Yes.  In fact I had to re-wire a ceiling fitting last month.  When I was at college I had a Saturday job in an electrical store, and we used to re-wire lamps for people who want longer flexes, etc

5. Are you a spender or a saver? Are you able to switch from one to the other on occasion?

I would like to think I am a saver, and in some ways I am ... a saver for a holiday (so I can spend money!!)