January 31st, 2020

Adventure before dementia

A Morning Stroll

This morning I had to go out to drop off my sister-in-law's birthday pressie, so decided to combine it with my morning stroll with Jiffy.  We went to the cemetery that Mum & Dad are buried in.  I have always loved walking roung cemeteries, love reading the words and finding out some of the history and loves of those who have passed away.  Some of the wording is amazing ... I know when we were deciding what to put on Mum & Dad's stones we all talked about it, to have something we all loved.

Anyway, we didn't go to that half of the cememtery, and Jiffy enjoyed his stroll -
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Poppy Wreath

The Cost Of War

As I have just posted, I love cemeteries.  Exeter Cememtery has, like most around Britain, assorted War Graves.  However there is also a specific section dedicated to the dead of WWII - Commonwealth, German, Polish, Italian ... as well as some of the civilians killed my enemy action.

I do go to many war cemeteries, and go to the Cenotaph every year ... these people should never be forgotten.  By visiting they are remembered -

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