January 8th, 2020


10 Star Wars Icons

I did go and see episode 9 of the Star Wars saga.  The last time I had been to the cinema was 2 years ago to see episode 8, and will admit I hadn't 100% enjoyed that, but did enjoy this episode.

The challenge for round 30 of monthlyinspo is 2019 into 2020 ... so decided to make the icons from the film Rise of Skywalker (no spoilers, as such) ....

1.   photo ep9-ff-000009_10bd8904_zpsptgpedly.jpeg  2.   photo ep9-ff-000020_68fd2def_zps8xoyzm8z.jpeg  3.   photo 171252_zpsdx9vcef0.jpg

4.   photo 6S8XCVXD_o_zpsehefexki.png  5.   photo naomi-ackie-jannah-star-wars-rise-of-skywalker-1571226857_zpsfrjmw6io.jpg  6.   photo ep9-ff-001663_11d7b0da_zpsmcdrnksv.jpeg

7.   photo ep9-ff-000029_a8fff67d_zpsg7mgdk0k.jpeg  8.     photo ep9-ff-001865_f9ad975f_zpsnjeenaw5.jpeg  9.   photo ep9-ff-000051_2416ff72_zpsrxb7qgsh.jpeg  10.   photo ep9-ff-001686_984c5e7b_zpszwbvleax.jpeg