December 24th, 2019

Christmas Tree + James

Happy Christmas (Eve) .... Or, Yes I Am Still Alive

I have been terrible ... but I have already made a pledge with myself to be better from now on.  I can hear you thinking, yes, she said that before, but I am truly going to be better.

I amsure most of you will have forgotten who I am, but even if that has happened, I have missed just scribbling away about nothing, so I am going to aim to get back to that ... whether you read it or not!

As you can see it looks like Jiffy and I have been very good this year, as Father Christmas has already visited us ... although we are being even better as we aren't peeping till after our walk, after lunch, after Church tomorrow.  So that is something to look forward to ... seeing as there is very little on the TV it is a good plan.  Having said that I shall certainly watch The Queen, and also my DVD of "White Christmas" ... so looks like a busy day planned!

On Boxing Day I am off to Nick & Brenda's (and all 4 boys should be there), then on the 27th I have Tim & Claire coming here ... so that will be great.  Family are important, so that will be good.

I have taken a few days off extra as I thought it would be good to have a complete break.  Not great for my bank balance, but better for me.  Whether I actually get to give my kitchen a good clean next week which is the plan is debatable!!

I do hope that you are keeping well - and an even bigger hope that I am a better LJer!!