October 9th, 2019

Gone with the Wind - Tomorrow is another

What A Weird Month

... and I can't believe it is 3 weekssince I returned from my holiday.  Where have those days gone?

Oh well - sorry.

I have done extra shifts at work, and that (combined with the reason I needed to cover someone's time off) has wiped me out.  I am gradually getting back the ooompf, so that is the main thing.  I suppose it helps that the people I work with on the clerical side are very supportive (although it was one of them that had last week off).  The nursing staff have a mixed view of me ... I am a grade 2, and there are 5 grade 4's who basically ignore me ... and 2 grade 6's who are great, and a grade 8 who is fine (when she is in).  I still love being there, though.  As a memmber of Staff Bank I can always work somewhere else if I wanted to.  Anyway I am off this afternoon, which is nice, and as the weather is lovely Jiffy and I have had a good stroll, and now I am going to try to get back to you all.

Sadly my laptop died recently and I have decided not to replace it - I love my desk-top, and not having a laptop means I don't just sit playng solitaire in an evening, and have actually got back to doing some knitting.

Jiffy is doing better now ... it took ages for his skin infection to settle.  But he is more relaxed in himself at present, which is nice to see.  Sadly he does show signs of old age from time.  I can't believe he is 13 1/2 ... where has that time gone?

Speaking of my holiday - I haven't yet finished sorting the photos, but here are a few from The Isle of White ...Collapse )