September 27th, 2019

Spike - crying at the end of The Gift

10 BtVS Season 5 Icons

Well even though life has been busy I have managed to get 10 icons done for round 27 of monthlyinspo ... the inspiration was "Morning Glory" ... so, as a BtVS fan I just had to choosse season 5, didn't I?  So, as well as using that as my starting point, I also used the image that I have also posted to get the colours from. ... Enjoy (I hope)

1.   photo BtVS_S5_E19_0081_zpsh96nfhn6.jpg  2.   photo BtVS_S5_E4_0805_zps8mbh8vmr.jpg  3.   photo BtVS_S5_E22_0089_zpsx1dj9bkg.jpg  4.   photo BtVS_S5_E19_0262_zpsmtevl2cn.jpg  5.   photo BtVS_S5_E19_0688_zps89ul6cjy.jpg

6.   photo BtVS_S5_E22_0189_zpstv168rbl.jpg 7.   photo BtVS_S5_E4_0750_zps2mo47ytu.jpg  8.   photo BtVS_S5_E22_0655_zps9988ihgp.jpg  9.   photo BtVS_S5_E19_0254_zpsvfjyqdhg.jpg  10.   photo BtVS_S5_E22_0828_zpslzjnngjc.jpg

As ever, all the icons are snaggable - and credits are over at my icon journal - d4s_icons

The image I took from "Google" for my colours
 photo Heavenly-Blue-Flowers_zpsqcvosnmo.jpg
Ocean Waves

Holiday - Portsmouth

Well, I did promise photos

Hard to pick just a few to describe an amazing chunk of history that I explored on my way to The Isle Of White.

I stopped for a couple of days in the city of Portsmouth as I wanted to see the HMS Victory, and also the Mary Rose ... 2 historic ships.  The other place I wanted to see was the D-Day museum (Having been to the beaches in May, I certainly wanted to see the stunning embroidery that was here.

So pleased I stopped - and here is a brief glimpse ....Collapse )