July 14th, 2019

James - eyes


A couple of days ago I had my annual eye-test.  I go to Boots, which means I see a different optician every time.  I saw a very nice lady this time, but as she sat down I knew she had bad news.  However, as it turned out, it wasn't as bad as she had thought!

One of the tests I had done was the individual eye field of vision, and that is what she wanted to start with ... She needed to tell me I had tested as 50% vision in my right eye.  However it was my turn to reassure her!  I had surgery in that eye back in 1989, and for a few hours I had been totally blind ... then I told her to look at the photo of the rtina.  She was then suprised I could see anything at all! 

So, as I pointed out, I have 3/4 vision, but am not really aware of the fact as my left eye compensates most of the time.  On even more good news, no need to change the glasses prescription (so no big bill), and the loss of vision is only marginal compared to last year.

So all in al a positive trip.

And continuing to be positve - lets keep up ....

14 If being permanently stapled to a cello would somehow bring about world peace would you be prepared to be permanently stapled to a cello? It would hurt a little bit and you would never quite be able to escape the pain but there would be world peace and you could learn to play the cello.

i am a clarinetist.  I am a saxophonist.  I don't like stringed instruments ... however at least it's a cello and not a violin.  So, for world peace, ummmmmmm, maybe!!
Adventure before dementia

10 Icons

I have made these 10 icons for Round 10 of [community profile] icons10in20 ... I used BtVS Season 1 for them, and chose the theme of "Magnifying Glass" and of "Space"


1.  photo Gradation 1a_zpsuknrx9qe.jpg 2.  photo Gradation 1b_zpsdtragpjs.jpg 3.  photo Gradation 1c_zpsydcfsrmj.jpg 4.  photo Gradation 1d_zpsxypow8gs.jpg 5.  photo Gradation 1e_zpspizrlxl7.jpg


6.  photo Space 1_zpsmakmplse.jpg 7.  photo Space 4_zps7dtl9adh.jpg 8.  photo Space 3_zpsrm0lmh2s.png 9.  photo Space 2_zpstasmgqer.jpg 10.  photo Space 5_zpsykfkih46.jpg

As ever all the credits are available in my LJ icon journal. All are snaggable

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James - actoring theories

Icon Dump - All From MovieFilmStills Competitions

Round 151 - Quotes

 photo 11971582932135849781JicJac_Jack-O-Lantern_svg_med_zpso6jf95tv.png photo 3_zpscghuzhxf.jpg  photo aug22_zpswwsdixuk.jpg photo LUKE_zpskdm1ftkl.png

And, the films ...

1) Some Like 'em Hot
2) Gone with the Wind
3) Wizard of Oz
4) Star Wars

And, the winner in the best colour category was
 photo LUKE_zpskdm1ftkl.png

Round 150 - free for all

 photo m_caps_060_zps7c3etlv4.jpg photo m_caps_348_zps1oqxqand.jpg photo m_caps_211_zpsyh0kojeu.jpg photo m_caps_552_zpslgtfvbcj.jpg photo m_caps_342_zps4llouurf.jpg

All from Moonshot

Round 149 - Last Year's Films

 photo FirstMan_2493_D051_00228R_zpsgqj7zb40.jpg photo HanSolo5aec09b2a8745.0_zpsvekw0etd.jpg photo firstman-astronaunt-moon-700x321_zpsid5upnjo.jpg photo 636586073792933650-XXX-CP-Solo--A-Star-Wars-Story-05_zpsntzomzhj.jpg photo 2493_D030_00395R_GRD.JPG_cmyk_2040.0_zpstlcuf7pz.jpg

The 2 films are First Man & Solo

Round 141 - Book Adaptations

 photo dambusters3_zpswukukun4.jpg photo download_zps1u2b2usy.jpg photo pb_tf2_zpsiedzknxf.jpg photo anne-of-green-gables_zpsxw0mqzaw.jpg photo Gone-With-the-Wind_zpsncmtok6i.jpg

Film #1 is The Dambusters, from the book of the same name, and "Enemy Coast Ahead" by Guy Gibson V.C.
Film #2 is The Princess Bride, from the book of the same name
Film #3 is Anne of Green Gables from the book of the same name
and Film #4 is Gone With The Wind, from the book of the same name

As ever, all my icons are snaggable, and the credits are over at my icon journal - d4s_icons