June 2nd, 2019


Day 2 - Aren't I Being A Good Girl?

Well, that was until I read the question ....

2 What have you recently done for the first time?

I suppose joining a new music group about 3 weeks ago is about as "new & recent" as I can get. I had missed orchestra very much. This group is mixed ability and mixed instruments, but I am hoping to persevere and enjoy. Whatever, it has been good to be back playing my clarinet.

Artwork - A Great Day Trip

On Friday, my friend Christine, and I went to the last day of Delamore Arts Month.  I stumbled across it when looking for a house or garden to look at and sort of wondered how much was there.

When we arrived it turned out there were over 100 sculptures in the garden, and 3 rooms of paintings and statues in the house & stables.   Some of them were amazing, and I would buy (if I was rich ... as the prices started at £400, and went up to £12,000) ... but some were completely weird ... one was literally a block of concrete the size of 2 standard house bricks (yet it would have cost £500 to buy).  Anyway, here are a few images of the trip.

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We had to pay to go into the event, but all the money went to a children's hospice charity.  Yes, I would go again, and anyone in SW England, it's worth a visit next May.