June 1st, 2019


Month 2, Day 1

Yay, I have managed to track down the next month's list, so am able to do question 1 .... complete with a photo!

1 What's your favourite flower?

I love roses ... and this one is very special -
 photo 61561360_10157259006832442_7866852473778995200_n_zpsiv7hy8vr.jpg
and it smells as great as it looks.

This rose is very special, as it was Mum's favourite when she was a teenager. So, when she got married, her parents brought it with them on their first visit to their new home ... So for those who know their geography this first moved in 1953, from Northamptonshire, Essex, North Wales, back to Essex, North Cornwall, Torbay, and is now in Exeter

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