May 30th, 2019


Meme Again

30 If I told you that one person you know is secretly an alien who do you think it is? Why?

Only one???????

A couple of the people I work with truly qualify ... and as for my brothers!!!!!!!!!  No explanation is necessary, as maybe that helps me to accept how "distant" they are!!
Jiffy - painting

A Couple of holiday Photos

I have promised photos from my Normandy trip ... and I will do it.  However, I thought I would post these 2 first!

This one is of Jiffy and his friend George on a walk in a park on his holiday (Jiffy is the one at the front)
 photo IMG-20190518-WA0002_zpsjdfihivx.jpg

This photo was one I took of a "loo" sign that I saw when we stopped on the way home not far from Calais
 photo DSC_0828_zpsdjxox537.jpg
James - Discovery Channel

Normandy Museums

As part of the holiday we went to 4 different museums ... of which there was a lot of overlap of the displays.

A couple had really great scenes to give you a taste of June '44 ... and one had the noise of battle drumming in the background.

There was the regular display of uniforms from all of the participants, flags and personal momentoes.  There were also quite a few displays of "lost" items ... things that had been recoverd years later, either from the sea, or the hedgerows.

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