May 10th, 2019

Spuffy - Burning Hands (animated)

Some Spuffy Banners

I have only ever attempted a banner once, and wasn't happy.  However I decided I would give it a go for this seasons entry into seasonal_spuffy ... so hope you find them OK.  As I transferred them to LJ I could see mistakes, but am out of time, so sorry about those ... Enjoy

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I would like to thank the Mods for all their hard work, again ... and also for all the other contributors who share the Spuffy Love ... long may it continue

Such An Appropriate Question For Today

12 What subject were you worse at at school?

LOL - on a day when I post art work, there are 2 answers to the question. My second worse subject was art. For one thing I am colourblind, which teachers found weird (in a day when our main medium was the basic 5 paint colours and a mixing palette), however, my art teacher also said that I found it impossible to draw a straight line, even using a ruler!

However, my worst subject, by far, which I actually had a teacher refuse to have me in her class I was so bad, was English.

So, yet again, I have to thank BtVS, Spike, Spuffy, and ultimately James for getting me writing, yes my first way to LJ was in writing an alternate end to BtVS, and ... as they say ... the rest is history. Sorry, Miss Bodmin, but I do enjoy writing (even if it's ages since I have done any.

Yep, English and Art teachers go and look at my 2 other journals, d4s_icons and d4s_fic
Spuffy - Mine/Champion

Some Spuffy Icons

As I said in my last post, banners are new for me, but icons are something I am happier with.  These are all made for seasonal_spuffy ... enjoy

1.   photo 8_zpszm9gsixf.jpg   2.   photo 7_zpstosbeqaf.jpg   3.   photo 5_zpssrh9o8ih.jpg   4.   photo 6_zps677pwn4r.jpg

5.   photo 4_zpsyt1j2ua3.jpg   6.   photo 3_zps7po8zuwl.jpg   7.   photo 2_zpskw1z7fsp.jpg   8.   photo 1_zpsgnlfhsfz.jpg

9.   photo 11_zpspnuzrgzg.jpg   10.   photo 12_zpslqmvophx.jpg   11.   photo 13_zps4pdcfiou.jpg   13.   photo 15_zps8xt8o2mz.jpg   14.   photo 14_zpszztp0gob.jpg

15.   photo Spuffy 2_zpsdzwecpil.jpg   16.   photo resizedimage600368-Spike-speaks-for-us-all. - 1 icon_zpsicp2fika.png   17.   photo New-Cool-Background_zpseolwt1ie.jpg   18.   photo BtVS_S7_E13_0059_zpseorfi8hu.jpg

19.   photo BtVS_S7_E13_0363_zps7adyjkmu.jpg   20.   photo buffy-spike_zpsbsc8yhvi.jpg   21.   photo 10_zpsveubvkyn.jpg   22.   photo 9_zpscbpipzfu.jpg

The credits are over at my icon journal - d4s_icons All are snaggable, and if you want any words added, just let me know.