February 23rd, 2019


10 Icons

I know, I have been MIA (again), for those who read this and not just look at the icons! I have been working some extra shifts, which is good for the bank balance, but not great for my CFS. However I must be positive and say that 6 years ago I could hardly walk across a room without wobbling, so the fact that I have just worked 4 - 5 days a week for the last 3 weeks, is great ... However it means that I tend to just slob around, and not even turn on the pc in an evening. And even my weekends have ended up busy ... but one day (soon, I hope) I will post a proper update (on LJ), and will try and finish the Snowflake Challenge that I still have a couple of days to do.

Anyway, until then, at least I have icons to share. I started off making them from the last episode of BtVS, but then ended up doing 3 different ones, as I read the challenge ... anyway, I hope that you enjoy them. They are made for Round 7 of [community profile] icons10in20

Negative Space Yellow No Eyes Red Carpet Text Only
 photo Negative Space_zps2oewocmg.jpg  photo Yellow_zpsv2tsonfm.jpg  photo No Eyes_zpsgv9pcm1q.jpg  photo Red Carpet_zpskpndqfeu.jpg  photo iPiccy-Design_zpsnvd091jq.jpg
Half Face Wings Animated Provided Texture Soft Colouring
 photo Half Face_zpskfuedebj.jpg  photo Wings_zpseq2ouyda.jpg  photo Animation_zps4jaz2pro.jpg  photo Provided texture_zpsfk60bsq4.png  photo Soft Colouring_zpsjhhfvi0w.jpg

As ever, all are snaggable, and the credits can be found on my icon journal - over on d4s_icons

And I even have a spare text one -
 photo Text Only_zpsgc1meyks.jpg

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