December 24th, 2018

Christmas Tree + James

OOOOOOooooooops .....

I did promise myself I would post every day, and do this meme to keep up. However the Chronic Fatigue hit me, and I wanted to keep going at work, so slept a lot the rest of the time. So am pleased I managed to keep going to work, and to the music rehearsals for the Carol Service last night ... which was really great. They have signed me up to play on Christmas Day, as well, so am looking forward to that.

Anyway - here is a 10 day catch-up, if you want to bother ...

December 15 → something that made you laugh this year
Jiffy often makes me laugh - he often, without knowing it, does a great double-take

December 16 → something that made you sad this year
Still missing Mum & Dad, and not being able to tell them about my change of job

December 17 → something that made you happy this year
Being able to do extra work, on the Bank, but all in the same department

December 18 → your favorite photo this year
I have taken about 5000 photos ... so a hard choice, but this one is special. I am standing where Granddad fought in The Battle of Passchendale in 1917
 photo Glencourse Wood ... 10th August 1917 2_zpsfwfwidsb.jpg

December 19 → what you learned this year
I have (tried to) learn to listen to my body, and when I am tired, to give in

December 20 → a picture of you taken over 20 years ago
Well I posted one of me from 1965 ... but, how about this one, taken in in 1972, just before my 11th birthday
 photo Easter 72_zpstlvhyxqs.jpg

Or, this one taken just before my 1st Christmas, if you want seasonal -
 photo 5 months_zpsgam5itkf.jpg
(And yes, I still have that rattle in my cupboard!)

December 21 → your favorite websites this year
I still love LJ (even though I have been a bit intermittent), and Instagram

December 22 → new items you’ve added to collections this year
Some more fridge magnets, a glass vase (I do love my glass) from Prague, and a giraffe flag from Sienna (one of the territories)

December 23 → travel you did this year
Flanders, to follow Granddad's footsteps, in April
Italy - Rome, Florence, Sienna & Assisi in June/July
Prague, Vienna, & Budapest in September
London in November
And, 20+ National Trust properties over the West of England

December 24 → Something which caught your interest this year
I am suprised how much I have enjoyed office work ... poor mum must be spinning in her grave, as it wouldn't be something she could even imagine me attempting!!