July 10th, 2018


Italy 2018 - Day 1, Siena

Well I have warned you that there would be photos ... and there are! Not many compared with how many I took, but just to try and give an idea of the beauty of Central Italy ... and, more importantly, the history & heritage.

For day 1 I was in the city of Siena ....

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One thing I didn't photograph was the actual specific Contradas .... I have decided I must have beed Sienese in a previous life, as one of the 17 groups is named for the giraffes ... my favourite animal

Typical Tuscany
 photo First views of Tuscany from the coach 4_zpstnfuhwjf.jpg

Italy 2018 - Day 2, Florence

And, so on Day 2 we went to Florence ... one place I have always wanted to visit (as had Dad), and I wasn't disappointed.

My only moan would be the terrible organisation of getting into the Uffizi. The queue was very long, and security so, so, so slow. Considering we had pre-booked tickets, as well, it made it even more annoying, but am glad I went.

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I think, overall, Florence was my favourite city of the trip.