May 24th, 2018

Jiffy - painting

Only 5 Days Late

The morning of the Royal Wedding (yes, I did watch and enjoy) I did make sure Jiffy was treated first.

It was his 12th birthday.  Both Christine and I had bought him a new toy each, and some chewy treats ... and as ever, he got to open them himself.  Not great for getting a good picture, as he was busy going from one pressie to another and seeing what he could eat before I packed them away for later!

However I did manage to get a nice photo of him, while he was waiting for a walk first thing.  The "scarf" was a pressie from Devon County Show, that I had been to the previous day ... free gift, as well.  I can't see why dogs wear them, but I wouldn't want him to not look trendy.

Happy Birthday Little Man, love you loads