March 3rd, 2018

Groucho Marx, Writing

Saturday's Scribble

Just to show we did have snow - even if it only lasted a couple of days-
 photo DSC_0294_zpsad8ixpjn.jpg

I have spent some time this afternoon trying to both talk myself into a new camera, and then to talk myself out of it ... I will let you know which side wins!!

Now to try and keep posting I have snagged a 100 meme from kazzy_cee ....Collapse )

100 Meme, question 1 - Do you have a favourite sweater?
I have a couple I like. One of which is a cheapo one I bought last November, but wear it a lot as it's beige and orange, it goes with most things. I also have a maroon coloured one, that was a favourite of mum's, and I liked her in it ... and now love wearing it myself!!

And now back to watching my DVD - Marx Brothers, Duck Soup