March 1st, 2018

Snowy cottage

Catching Up ..... And Finishing The Meme

Yet again I must apologise for being MIA ... and more importantly for missing a load of birthdays. I have been able to catch up with comments, and will try to keep up, again.

Today we have at long last got snow ... only a few flakes this morning, but now steadily snowing, so, as I have no plans to travel things should be OK ... just hope I manage to get a few photos before it all goes again. Jiffy can't understand why the floor is so cold, but at long last he has settled down again (although probably sulking at his lack of 2nd walk today).

Well, as I said, I somehow got way behind with the February meme, so will be a good girl and finish it ... read if you wish, up to you.

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Hope everyone keeps safe ... and warm.