February 13th, 2018

Breast Cancer

4th Anniversary .....

.... Claire is cancer free.

4 years ago she had a mastectomy, but didn't need chemo or radio. Since then she has had her annual check-ups on the other side and is fine.

She hasn't worked for those 4 years on the 12th Feb, and normally spends the day with Tim, but this year he couldn't get the time off work.

So, after taking Jiffy for a walk, I picked her up and we drove to Street to "Clark's village". Claire bought lunch, and then we went shopping. I was quite restrained, only buying a couple of pairs of jeans on special offer, and a present for a friend's birthday. However we did also go in the Cadbury shop (enough said!!).

On our way home we had a huge diversion, but as it wasn't bad weather it just meant longer to chat!!

So, a nice way to celebrate her anniversary - it was so lovely to see her looking so happy (while spending money!!)

But I mustn't forget the February Meme, as well.

February 12 - How old were you the first time you made love? Was it a mistake?
Ummm, not applicable!

February 13 - What do you love about yourself.
Nothing really.