February 3rd, 2018

Spike - face + body + my name

Saturday ...

... Yep great, as it means Chicken & Chips for tea tonight!!

Will admit I had a really lazy morning (especially as I had planned to go to the gym!!). I didn't set the alarm, and when I woke up I stayed in bed and read my book for some time.


Jiffy was equally happy as he had a busy afternoon yesterday. It was his 6 weekly haircut. He loves going to see Jackie, but this week one of his regular doggy friends who he sees there was in season. Even though he has had his op (!!), he still was alert, and apparently even weed on the side of the caging she was sleeping him!! Marking his property!!

Typical man!

Oh well ... I am slowly continuing with the boxes in my spare room as I promised myself, so that is making me happy. It will take ages, and I doubt it will be done by Easter as I set myself here, but at least I am continuing on. So that's the main thing.

Well I had better do day 3 of the meme that I am doing. (The full list is here) ...

Feb 3 - Have you done any art this year?

Yes! I have made one set of icons of Hercules; am half way through a set for monthlyinspo and started a set of icons of Jack O'Neill (from Stargate SG!)