February 1st, 2018

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February Already

So much for keeping LJing ... I did so well for the first week, but then it all "fell apart" again! So I thought I would try to be better in February by snagging a meme from zhelana and will try to keep going (although not actually guaranteeing things!

I actually went to the doctors this afternoon. Yes I still have bad days. Having started these bugs back in September, and am still struggling to stop coughing, and to actually not have to have time in bed. So the doc suggested I try a steroid spray, and an anti-histamine for the next 6-8 weeks and see how things are then. At least I have something positive I can do.

Well I don't have any real news other than that. So will finish with this picture taken 11 years ago - too cute, isn't he?

Our map-reader, and only 6 months old!!
 photo Jiffy map reading_zps0zv1op85.jpg

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February 1st - Thing you are most looking forward to this month

Jiffy & I are going to Northamptonshire for a couple of days to give a suprise visit to Auntie Mary.