December 3rd, 2017

Poppy Wreath

The Cenotaph

So, as promised .... here is my London Post #4

In England we keep the 2nd Sunday of November as Remembrance Sunday, as well as actually on the 11th, as well.  This year was the first year that The Queen would not be laying a wreath.  Prince Philip had pulled out, but at the age of 95 and wearing full dress uniform complete with sword, it can't be easy to walk backwards off the steps.  The Queen opted to stay with him, but again it's not the easiest manouver.

Therefore the security was greater this year ... complete with face recognition photography, scans and extra police .... as well as bag searches.  However, as you will see, the Queen was much more visible than she had been in the past.

Still, as well as seeing her, it was lovely to be part of our national memorial.

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