October 31st, 2017

Just Believe - Josph from V

Happy 500th Anniversary

I know today is All Hallow's Eve, or Halloween ... But, as a Protestant, today is also a special day, as it's the 500th Anniversary of the beginning of the Protestant movement by Martin Luther.

"Traditionally, 31 October 1517 is widely held to be the day German monk Martin Luther nailed his Ninety-five Theses on the door of the All Saints' Church in Wittenberg, Electorate of Saxony in the Holy Roman Empire. Historians and other experts on the subject argue that Luther may have chosen All Hallows' Eve on purpose to get the attention of common people, although this has never been proven. Available data suggests that October 31 was when Luther sent his work to Albert of Brandenburg, the Archbishop of Mainz. This has been verified; nowadays, it is regarded as the start of the Reformation alongside the unconfirmed nailing of the Ninety-five Theses to All Saints' Church's door on the same date." ... Wikepedia

So 500 years is certainly worth celebrating - whatever your faith.
Just Believe - Josph from V

Wells Cathedral

As I said when I posted over the weekend, Christine and I went to Wells for the day.  Wells is the smallest English city, with a stunning Cathedral ...

The present cathedral was begun about 1175 on a new site to the north of the old minster church. Bishop Reginald de Bohun brought the idea of a revolutionary architectural style from France, and Wells was the first English cathedral to be built entirely in this new Gothic style. The first building phase took about eighty years, building from east to west, culminating in the magnificent West Front. About 300 of its original medieval statues remain

By 1313 a high tower topped by a lead covered wooden spire had been constructed but as the foundations were not stable large cracks began to appear in the tower structure. In fear of a total collapse, several attempts at internal strengthening and buttressing were made, until the famous ‘scissor arches’ were put in place by master mason William Joy as a final solution. The scissor arches, which often visitors believe to be later, modern additions were constructed from 1338-48 as an engineering solution to a very real problem.

As ever it is hard to capture this building, but I had a go. There was a rehearsal for a choir concert that evening, so it was lovely to have a musical accompaniment.

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