October 14th, 2017

James - looking down

Just Popping In, Again

Sorry I still haven't got around to replying to your comments. Being back at work has left me tired the rest of the week, so am trying to be good.  Haven't yet been to the gym in 6 weeks, but hope to try again next week.

It was hard though, as in the midst of starting to feel sorry for myself, we learnt (as a dept) that one of the team has been diagnosed with a late-stage cancer.  She is 42, and will fight, but it really brings home how fragile life can truly be.

Anyway, yet again I chose the subject over at photo_scavenger so thought I would share my post with those who aren't members.  The subject was "10 STEPS" ... in other words walk 10 steps out of your door, and take a photo -

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