September 29th, 2017

James - silhouette

Just Popping In

I am (as aver) sorry that I (again) disappeared. The flu that started at the beginning of this month is still with me. I have spent the last 2 - 3 weeks sleeping. Over the last couple of days I have been able to stay awake during the day, so progress is being made; however I am still sleep a minimum of 12 hours overnight. Jiffy is happy to have me around, and as he loves sleeping he is quite happy to snooze the days away. I feel guilty about the work missing me, and I have missed a few birthdays here ... so all in all I have had a fuzzy time!!

On another note it is weird to think that it was 2 years ago today that Mum died. Can't believe that it's been that long, but as Brenda pointed out when she text me this morning, Mum is still very much alive in our hearts and minds.

I am not around much, but had spotted this meme that kazzy_cee and hobbituk have been doing. I liked the look of it, but have recently started too many memes only to abandon them. However manoah has done the whole thing today so thought I would also give it a go .....

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