June 10th, 2017

DJ - plaited!

Well Done Stacey

How many of you remember my adventures with DJ (icon above as a reminder). Well he was my namesake, that I had on loan when I lost Jaykub. When I first saw him he was hours old, and I was with Stacey (and Kayleigh). They are my friend Toni's daughters. Stacey (& Toni) taught me to ride, and we all worked together in the stables.

Well here is a news item about Stacey ... I am so proud of her.

 photo 18835995_1435705856452945_5935437797356729086_n_zpsutmxyzsf.jpg
Outside Windsor Castle ...
 photo 18892990_1731406320209933_3854552786213195350_n_zps2yphlyfm.jpg