December 31st, 2016

Christmas Tree + James


 Just to say that I am sticking with Livejournal, but I know some of my f-list are moving, so if you still want to keep in touch are are not going to cross-post, can you please add me, or PM me and I will try to keep up to date with you.

LJ has had a couple of panics while I have been with it, and people have taken out other acconts, yet we have all survived.  So I plan to wait this one out, as well.

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Christmas - reason for the season

December Meme ... Day 31

Day 31 → best moment of the month

I think, as ever, each month, and possibly each day, has a few special moments.

* I enjoyed all my mince pies ... I love them!

* It was good playing board games with Brenda and my 4 nephews on Boxing Day.

* I enjoyed the Nativity service at Exeter Cathedral. It was great to see this lovely old building full of families ... and animals!

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 photo dc9de928-d6cd-4491-92a5-bc983f178664_zpsxeuzlof2.jpg

(Thanks Tim for the photos)
So there are a couple of things that made December fun.

This has been a good meme, and it's been good to see that others have snagged.
James - silhouette

Best Wishes For 2017 ... And Fare-Thee-Well 2016

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Quite a few of my f-list have written long summaries about 2016, but I decided I wouldn't do that.  Mine would have ended up long, rambling ... and depressing!  However I have snagged this meme from kazzy_cee

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So I hope that you all enjoy celebrating tonight.  Jiffy is already hiding as there have been a few fireworks already.  I am sitting watching a DVD and waiting for 2017 to arrive ... a small glass of sherry at the ready!  I shall then speak to both my brothers and sisters-in-law

Happy 2017 - hope that you all have a happy, peacefull and healthy year.

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