November 30th, 2016


London Photos #2

The delay is terrible - so sorry.  In actual fact I am off work again, with another chest infection.  I do certainly hope it doesn't last as long as the infection did in the New Year.

The decorators have finished for the moment.  So have some sticky paint at present, bur as of tomorrow I can start to get some of the pictures up in my hall.  The carpets ar due in a couple of weeks time, so can't get the bookcases back in the hall, or the furniture organised in the spare room.  But as I am really not great I have the perfect excuse not to push myself.

So, following my photos of the Florence Nightingale Museum, I walked a bit around the St Thomas's area. When I was in my first year at college in 1979 we did human dissection at St Thomas's, yet I couldn't work where we used to gI had dinner in County Hall, sounds posh I know, until I tell you it was a McD's!!! And then back over Westminster Bridge ... and as, ever the camera was busy.

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