November 15th, 2016


I'm Back!!!!

Wow, my feet are sore!  Yes, I will post photos, although not all the 750 I took!!!!

Highlights included being at The Cenotaph on Remebrance Day, having my photo taken with Yoda (!) ... and the star moment being spending a couple of hours with the truly lovely deborahw37 .... the British Museum, and coffee and cakes (of course).  Thanks Deb, next time I pay!

Just collected Jiffy, and Sarah assured me he was happy, except for the fireworks, but he managed to find somewjere safe to hide.  However he did spend quite a bit of time either sitting by the front door, or by his "case".  Yes, he was happy to see me, but great to see he was OK to give Sarah a cuddle as we left.

I have taken this afternoon off work in the end, to relax, and start the photos for you all!  Also I have the decorators here ... Yay, and they have told me next week they will do my hall, stairs and landings  So, this afternoon I must go and get carpets organised!

Well I had better get on - my washing is on the line, but I do need to finish unpacking, write some letters, and then look at some of my photos.

I will be spamming for the rest of the week!!!

btw, did I miss anything?