October 21st, 2016


This English Girl Kept That One Minute Of Silence Today

Many of you won't even realise it, but today is the 50th anniversary of the The Aberfan Disaster

One minute's silence was kept at 9.15, the actual time that disaster struck, and Prince Charles came and spoke to the survivors and families, bringing a letter from the Queen.

Events to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Aberfan disaster

50 years ago I was actually attending a Welsh village school.  The layout being very similar to the design of the one that was flattened in South Wales.  I don't remember actually learning about it, but Mum always said that I ran out of school at lunchtime assuring her that I would have lived.  My class was for 4 - 7's and we sat in age order.  So for me as a 5 year old, I was near the area that missed the sludge.

Although I don't actually remeber the event, I have always lived with the fact that I was at school in Wales, at a time when 116 children died in a similar school.

article-2118686-0022F7AA00000258-585_634x422.jpg (634×422)
Aberfan school - with the people trying to find children (and teachers) still alive

_42224528_aber_416.jpg (416×200)
Most of the children were buried together.

May they RIP ... and may those who 50 years on, still have nightmares, be able to find peace.