October 13th, 2016

WTS - James

A Request - Pretty, Please!!

Please, keep your fingers crossed!  .... and your toes, and your pet's paws!!

Back in January I agreed a quote to have a new cupboard built in my kitchen, and wardrobes/cabinets and an all-round book shelf in my spare room.

After monthly requests I have eventually heard that they hope to start next Wednesday (the same day as the garden will be done).

I had already booked a couple of extra days off as I had hoped to visit Auntie Joyce again, but Jiffy doesn't get his stiches out till tomorrow.  In the end, I have been very mentally tired in an evening, so maybe a long drive wouldn't be a good idea.  So, this morning, I have emptied that corner of the kitchen, as you can see ....

 photo DSC_0493_zpsin0yfrpl.jpg

And, am now typing with my fingers crossed!

Watch this space!!