September 30th, 2016


At long Last .... Friday Photos

Yay - back to my own Friday Photo challenge. Jiffy and I had a bit of a late start, so once we were organised we went on the bus into the city centre. I needed to go to the bank, but Jiffy loves a bus trip, with a wander round the city.

We walked along by the side of the city wall - I love how the light shines in those first pictures.

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We also stopped and looked at 3 of the Rhinos on the Great Big Rhino Trail ... this is through South Devon. So thought I would share these. They are going to be auctioned off soon to raise money for the endangered species.

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Then finally Jiffy and I donated £1 each to help with the refurbishment of Exeter Cathedral, by buying 2 Lego blocks.

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Hope you enjoyed this glimpse of Exeter