September 29th, 2016


One Year Gone

I still can't believe that it's been a year since I lost Mum .... so this afternoon Jiffy and I went to the cemetery for our walk.  We go most Sundays as the area is lovely, but wanted to go today.

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Although I had taken the day off I still ended up getting early as I had a dentist appt, and had to take Jiffy to the vets as he has a skin infection.  He is due to have his op in 5 days time, so hopefully he will be recovering from the one, before we start on the next thing.

However Mum would be pleased - I did some housework, as well.  My bathroom sparkles, and when I finish this update I pan to start cleaning my lounge, although will be lazy (don't tell mum) and complete it tomorrow.

Yesterday I wasn't around as I decided to look into booking a long weekend to London in November.  Friends will hate me for saying it, but I feel guilty about Jiffy.  On Saturday we will be meeting a prospective doggy sitter.  If that works out then that's everything booked.  I have loved my trips to London in the past, and was getting withdrawel symptoms!!!  This time I have already pre-booked Madam Tussauds, and possibly may meet up with a friend.  But, I still feel guilty about the little man!

This evening I do hope to do a bit more LJ catching up ... mostly trying to get some replies to comments done.