August 8th, 2016

Adventure before dementia

Glastonbury Abbey

Sorry I didn't post these yesterday, but I was watching M*A*S*H on TV, and as it was the last episode, I ended up watching it without stopping. When it was first shown here it was just after I left college and it really poignant. Spending 4 years together with friends, yet I knew I wouldn't see many of them ever again. It still reminds me of those days studying to be an osteopath and the great people I was with then.

Anyway, I continue with my trip to Glastonbury.

We went to the Abbey. Like many Abbeys in England it was destroyed by Henry VIII. The building remains are beautiful, as are the couple of the smaller buildings that are still fairly undamaged. We managed to miss the rain, and enjoyed the walk. Plenty of excuses to dig out the camera!

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Glastonbury Tor is on it's way!