August 1st, 2016

James - my name

Just a Monday Ramble

Yet again I missed a birthday, when did it become August?? Hope that you had a great day, i_love_freddie yesterday - and that the coming year will be special.

Had a weird day yesterday, with my BP dropping suddenly while I was at Church. Luckily I didn't collapse in a heap, but got to the kitchens before I made a total fool of myself. I saw my own GP today, and all OK ... so it was me being "me" as normal.

I had taken today off work to do some more painting the shed and fence, but it is raining ... so hope it means I can catch up with LJ (have I missed anything), and continue doing some more sorting of my spare room ... certainly a never-ending task!

When I was getting up this morning this song was on the radio.

It brought back memories of my last year of school, and I certainly didn't like Mondays because even now I remember I started the day with double chemistry. Good subject, weird teacher!!

However listening to the first few words made me wonder about the Spike storyline in season 4 ... "silicon chip inside her head". I wish I were clever enough to let the plot bunnies multiply!

Day Trip, Last Friday

Last Friday (so I am late posting the pictures, but they still count as a Friday post) Christine and I went out for the day tp Knightshayes Tiverton. It took us about 40 mins to get there, and although the weather wasn't 100% we had a great time, and didn't really get wet either.

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Both before and after strolling through the house we enjoyed the grounds.

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So hope you enjoyed ... I have some indoor photos to share later.