May 18th, 2016

Spuffy - vampires

My Day At Seasonal Spuffy 2

For entry 2 I have some icons - something I do enjoy making, although it is harder to get good screen caps to work from.

Anyway - I hope that you enjoy them.

1.  photo ssss3_zps9bdtnvax.jpg  2.  photo ssss1_zpsol7tsenb.jpg  3.  photo ssss2_zpskmutiqmg.jpg

4.  photo sss1_zps1scfzyxe.jpg  5.  photo sss2_zpsxxmsuidw.jpg  6.  photo sss3_zpsgnaqpcyk.jpg

7.  photo ss3_zpsbpsjkoqa.jpg  8.  photo ss2_zpswulzfvum.jpg  9.  photo ss1_zpsy6in246j.jpg

10.  photo s3_zpslhrp3s8u.jpg  11.  photo s5_zpszdikuwz5.jpg  12.  photo s4_zpswurfdiuz.jpg

13.  photo 10_zpsf5ixerea.jpg  14.  photo 11_zpsl3q3cxqc.jpg  15.    photo 9_zpsppjpc5w3.jpg  16.  photo 12_zpsdb4s04qm.jpg

17.  photo 6_zpszbmas793.jpg  18.  photo 4_zpsxyf2blgg.jpg  19.  photo 1_zpsogcb0hto.jpg  20.  photo 2_zpslew0wt7n.jpg

21.  photo 8_zpswig9dkfe.jpg  22.  photo 7_zpsthjrjsdr.jpg
Spuffy - Heaven on Earth

My Day At Seasonal Spuffy

Word count - 101
Set in season 5, after "Listening to Fear, but before "Crush"

Another Good Plan

Watching, waiting, wondering.

Would tonight be the night that a big bad took out his slayer.  She had already lost the fight once, and come very close again recently, yet she still went out every night.

Try as hard as he might, he couldn't stop worrying.  She faced so many dangers and now had the constant worry about her mum.  It didn't seem fair that with everything else Buffy faced, she now had this additional concern.

If only he could help more.  Maybe just being there to take out her pressures on.

Spike, the "punching ball" sounded like a good plan.