May 1st, 2016

Son of a preacher man.

What A Morning!

Earlier in the week Dad and I found out that one of the nurses is a Christian who goes to the same denomination Church that we do.  She goes to the one in Exeter, while I still go back to our old one in Newton Abbot (I prefer a smaller group, and have friends there).  So, she suggested that Dad might like to go to Church this Sunday as she wasn't working.

So, I got there at 8.30, to find that Dad had been given an early breakfast, and had been given priority for getting him washed and dressed.  A minute to 9 am we were at the front door to wait for the taxi ... at 9.30 we gave up.  The staff were very, very annoyed on Dad's behalf.  The taxi company that he was booked with just had an answerphone on, and although the head nurse phoned a few other taxi services, none had a wheelchair taxi available at short notice.

So we went for a short walk outsid, then back to his room to read the Bible, before they got him a big bowl of porridge fro a second breakfast.

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I have a feeling non-Church like language will be used when the staff eventually speak to someone!