April 3rd, 2016

K9 & Cyberman

Photo Friday - 1 ... Assorted Around Exeter

Wow, I am late with these.  I did take them on Friday, but with all the continued shifting of boxes, and furniture, life has been hectic.  Sadly I also wiped myself out by yesterday afternoon ... so much so I went to bed early, and slept through 2 alarms this morning.  So, by the time I woke up it was time that my Church service was finishing.  Oh, well, I obviously needed it.  As I said, life is hectic.

So, sorry, but I did warn you.  We are hoping to complete by the end of April.  My older furniture has now all gone, so Jiffy and I are tripping over boxes.  Most of the furniture will come on the 12th, so things can begin to be packed away!

So, today was an early lunch and a stroll with Jiffy ... and now I am going to post some things .... HOWEVER, I know I still owe lots of replies to comments.  I shall go see Dad and then get dinner cooking and hope to get some replies done on my pc, and this eve on my tablet ... fingers crossed.

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Photo Friday - 2 ... St Catherine's Almshouses, Exeter

Right in the centre of the shopping centre are the remains of the almshouses.  This Chapel and almshouses were founded by Canon John Stevens DD, (Doctor of Physick), in 1457, to house thirteen poor men. Regulations during the 17th and 18th Century changed, allowing married couples to live there. In the 19th Century, they changed again to favour widows, and single women. In 1811, the thirteen residents were increased to fifteen, by installing two extra habitations.

During the second war, servicemen were billeted in the buildings. The bombing of May 1942 destroyed the Almshouses and Chapel. Rather than clear the ruins, the City Council landscaped the ruins as a memorial to that dreadful night.

There are a few more details of the intervening history here

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A Local Walk

On Wednesday I was having some of my furniture collected, to go to a charity shop, and my friend Christine (from Church) was coming for lunch.  However our plans worked well, as the charity people came early.  So we had an early lunch and then the 3 of us went for a walk.

So all of these photos are within a couple of miles of my house ... Exeter is a lovely city.

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