March 18th, 2016

James - Rock On!

30 Day Challenge Meme - Day 6

What Band or Musician is Important to you?

I was born in 1961, so as a kid the radio was on - The Beatles, The Seekers, The Monkees, The Beach Boys .... and I still do like their stuff.  Weirdly, having no friends at school (due to bullying) I was isolated, so much of the 70's music passed me by then, but I do like it now ... The Rolling Stones being my favourite of the bunch.  From then on nothing!

I also love music of the 20's, singers like Frank Sinatra; and classical music, especially Beethoven.


As my longer term f-list will know, there is only one singer I have heard live, and one band gig I have ever been to.

James Marsters, and Ghost of the Robot (although James was not there as he was filming).  I will admit that I loved the atmosphere of GotR, but if I had to pick just one event, it would be James by himself (not that I don't like Charlie, Sullivan, etc), but I like how he relates to his audience while performing.

So, yes please - more James Marsters!!!

Daily Bible Reading

As I was reading this morning (I am now in Mark ... I told you my reading pattern is set out oddly in this scheme), I came across this sentence in the passage where Jesus is feeding the 5,000 -

Mark 6 v 39 ... Jesus got them all to sit down in groups of fifty or a hundred—they looked like a patchwork quilt of wildflowers spread out on the green grass!

I just thought it was so descriptive, and a reminder that God gave us so much beauty in nature.

Disclaimer, for my new f-list ...

I do read the Bible every day, and every so often will post a random thought. Some are just to help me remember what I actually read this morning. They are not meant to upset or offend anyone ... Please feel free to ignore.