March 17th, 2016

Umm ...

The Letter Meme

kazzy_cee gave me the letter P, so here goes ...

  • Something I hate: Prejudice

  • Something I love: Potatoes (I love chips, roast or boiled potatoes, although not fond of mash)

  • Somewhere I've been: Paris.  I have spent 2 separate days in Paris in my late teens with the family, so would love to go again.

  • Somewhere I'd like to go: Portugal.  I have been to the Algarve, but would love to travel throughout the country.  We did that as a family in Spain when I was a teen, and it was great.  If I can't go to a country,then I would like to go to Portsmouth, to see HMS Victory.

  • Someone I know: Paul  ... he was my parent's younger next-door neighbour when I was a baby, however I am still in touch with him.  In fact I have been invited to his wedding next month (but can't go)

  • A film I like: (The) Pink Panther - may be a silly film, but I have seen it loads of times, and still love it.

If anyone else wants to play, let me know and I'll give you a letter.