March 15th, 2016

B&W swirls

Just A Warning!!!

I may be a bit "in and out" over the next month.  I am feeling much better, although not 100%, but aim to re-start work on Thursday ... after 7 weeks at home that will feel weird, and I am sure Jiffy won't be happy!!  I work 3 1/2 days a week, however I have a busy month ahead.

We have 99.9% sold Mum and Dad's bungelow, to their neighbours.  They only rent, and their landlord is a real pain (even letting himself into the house without warning), there is also a lot of damp/mould.  So they approached us.

Anyway to do that, I am having a few pieces of furniture, which means I have to get rid of some of my stuff which is not as good.  I also have to pack up my room, and everything else.  I am meeting Tim & Claire after Church on Sunday, but hope to get there this afternoon.  So chaos in my place as furniture is being made available for a charity collection, or a refuse collection.

The whole family are meeting at M&D's on the 9th April to move some furniture to Nicks and Tims ... and the piano is going to one of Brenda's sisters as Andrew wants it.  Just as I was waking up this morning and planning what I had to get through today, this song came on the radio ... which really made me chuckle!

In other news I can't find where I put Jiffy's spare eye-drops (and at £25 a tube) I need to find it!  However I need to get an emergency replacement, so must get going.

So as I said, I may be a bit in and out ... I will try to keep up to date via my tablet, but a lot depends on how exhausted I end up in an evening.