March 11th, 2016


So Much For Keeping Up!!

Well I have managed to post some photos, but haven't replied to comments, or done the next day of the Meme thingy.

However I have almost organised for my old furniture here to either go to charity or the tip, and for the furniture I am having from M&D's to get here.  So haven't been too lazy.

Forone thing I cut my hair, so that was a job that was needed.

Saw Dad this morning, and he was upset when I got there, but after that was sorted we had a good laugh and a chat.  I find ti confusing as with the Alzheimer's I often don't know what we are talking about, but Dad does, and he's happy ... so that's the main thing!

Still tired from the virus, or the CFS, but the coughing is easier, and I am more focussed.  So, hopefully that means I can at long last get back to work next Thursday.  It's good timing really as I work for a week then have already booked a few days off for Easter.  So it will be a good test for me.

Well I will try to get on with replies tonight, but as I'm using my Tablet, it only lets me use my default icon ... so you will all get to see the photos of Mum (well if I get organised!)

Hopeyou are all having a good day today.