March 8th, 2016

James - actoring theories

I Might Have Known!!

I'm not a great TV watcher, but have been enjoying re-watching M*A*S*H.  Last week another channel said it would be re-showing Stargate SG1 ... so I thought "YAY"

However - guess what ..... yes, they are both on at the same time!!

I have them both on DVD, so it's no big problem, just I thought ironic.
Spike - two faces

30 Day Challenge Meme - Day 2

So, I actually have posted this on the appropriate day ... immediately after the last one.  SHOCK.

I wanted to be more focussed, and looking at my great f-list, as well as actually feeling a bit healthier today, so all in all it looks really positive.

10 Likes & Dislikes


  1. My faith - it is something that is "just" part of me ... keeping me supported and comforted.

  2. Jiffy - He is a darling, full of fun, and giving me an excuse to go for a walk.

  3. James Marsters - anyone from my old list knows how much I admire him.

  4. 40's - 50's musicals.

  5. Photography.

  6. Sightseeing - around towns/cities/castles/churches/museums etc

  7. Jigsaws.

  8. Souveneirs, family momentoes

  9. Giraffes - and, yes, I do have a pretty large collection of them in all sizes.

  10. Jewellery - I love wearing rings and necklaces (one disadvantage of working in an hospital, I can't wear any)

  11. An extra ...... LiveJournal!!!!

10 Dislikes

  1. Lateness - I am always early.

  2. Lack of manners.

  3. Rudeness.

  4. Indian food.

  5. Soap Operas (although I loved Soap itself)

  6. Make-up.

  7. Snobbery.

  8. Insects/Arachnids/ and other arthropods (including crabs/prawns etc)

  9. Gym type exercise.

  10. Saunas.

I am sure that there are others that come and go from those lists, but that gives you some ideas.