March 5th, 2016

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Happy St. Piran's Day

In Britain there are 4 well-known Patron Saints. However having lived in the county of Cornwall (the most S.W. in England), I have to celebrate St. Piran ... the patron saint of Cornwall.

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Cornwall is also a Duchy (Prince Charles and Camilla and their Duke & Duchess) ... while those who live there like to think of it as a separate county. However if you look ata map, there are 2 rivers separating Cornwall to the rest of England, with only a very short distance that is actually land.

For those who want to read more, then look here

The Cornish National Anthem - Trelawny

And, of course, in Cornish -

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30 Day Challenge Meme

I don't have time to start this today, but will do this off and on over the next few days/weeks.  I snagged it Tumblr, via PinInterest.  I don't do Tumblr, but do occaisionally scan through Pin.

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I do hope others snag and use, as LJ has been so much quieter recently.


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