February 27th, 2016

With DJ

Daily Bible Reading

I realised that I never posted this thought when I had it a couple of weeks back!

My name comes from the Bible ... that's why Mum & Dad chose it.  Most people know that she was the only female judge in the book of Judges.

However in Genesis 35, there is another Deborah mentioned.  She was Rachel's nurse and it was just mentioned that she had died.  The amazing thing is that it talks about where she was buried ... under an oak tree.  As I read it I realised that I really love oak trees, in fact they are my favourites.

No real point to the thought, just an amazing coincidence.
James - pointing finger

Photo Friday - Close Up On The Cathedral

Exeter Cathedral is a stunning building that was completed by about 1400 (having been started in 1133), and has several notable features, including an early set of misericords, an astronomical clock and the longest uninterrupted vaulted ceiling in England.


However Jiffy is not allowed inside, so we walk around the outside. I suddenly realized that I had never actually looked at what the images look like ... so I looked, and here are a few images to show you what I mean ...

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