February 8th, 2016


Photo Friday - Exeter City Wall

Well I am slowly uploading my pictures, it seems as if Photobucket will only do one at a time! Maybe it's the weather that's slowing my internet, or maybe it's just Photobucket!!!

So, Exeter is a city that was settled in the early Iron Age, and was really established by the Romans ... we are lucky that much of the wall still stands, even if not all of it is the original Roman.

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Son of a preacher man.


I wanted to share this picture I have just received.

Sadly, when Mum died and Dad had his stroke, his Alzheimer's got worse, and as you know I am unable to care for him, so he has has to go into a home. Every morning he has personal-care time for about 20 mins, and the one thing they all knows he loves doing is reading the Bible. So, every day the Bible is read to him. Whenever I go we also read the Bible, but it's nice to see that Dad, who was a preacher all his life, is still instrumental in sharing the Bible with those around.

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James - totally fascinated

Photo Friday - More History

Exeter has other historical heritage ... namely in 2 places on these set of photos.

The first is the Cathedral Square.  The buildings around the Cathedral are still used by clergy, and the Cathedral school - and show some lovely fifteenth - sixteenth century history.

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Another are of heritage that Exeter has is Georgian.  This is one of the main streets from that time, and are now mainly solicitors, accountants, etc.

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