February 10th, 2015

OK - James

Yes ... I Can Keep In Touch

I am starting this at the dentist while I wait for mum.

I know that I am being used ....THANK YOU to all those who have pointed that out ...but sadly if I don't do the caring no one will as ...."mum can manage" ... it's always been the fact that as I have always been single and always lived with them for weekends .... so I suppose I have created my problems. Sadly for anyone else she is "fine!" When Tim came for half hour last week and he was so pleased she is well ... so I think whatever I say or do they will just say I am exaggerating.

Still even though I am frustrated I do feel sorry as while in hospital she broke a tooth and has had to have the root removed ... so added to everything else it does seem unfair😱

As for the decs one or two bits are down ... so I suppose I can say I am getting there. I will get back to my place about 9pm so will do some more

Oh well looks like mum is ready so will send this later ... it is great to be able to play now I have the tablet.... and have got hold of the internet codes.

To show I am playing ... let me share ...