November 6th, 2014

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Truro Photos 1

I did tell you last week I had photos to share ... but then my internet let us all down ... so here the are.

I went to Truro with Christine (my friend from Church) We went by train and the weather wasn't too bad, so were able to enjoy the day, although my muscles really suffered afterwards, as we had to stand some of the way home, and after the walking ... !!

Our first stop was the museum ... it may have been smallish, but we were both impressed with both the way it was laid out, as well as the range of items from Cornish history.

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Cross with lilies

Truro Photos 2

Well as I said I went to Truro last week with my friend Christine .... and as it's a Cathedral City we did visit the Cathedral .... in fact we had lunch there!

The Cathedral is actually oly about 120 years old, and was dedicated in the reign of King George V ... at present there are lots displays by local schools  commemorating the centenary of WWI

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