October 15th, 2014


100 Days Of Happy - Day 54 ... And Iolus Icons

I posted a few times ago that I had been watching some of the "Legendary Adventures of Hercules".

Well yet again I have enjoyed the memories that the show brings.  A few years ago when I lived in Bude I used to fence with 3 other friends ... and after fencing we used to go back to one of our houses to watch a video ... and Hercules was popular ... although Iolus was voted the more popular of the 2 heros.  The four of us had our favourite stories and characters ... but in making a set of icons I have had the challenge of the various themes, as well as the fun of the memories that they evoked.

So, this set of icons was made for round 62 of character20n20 ... hope you enjoy.  Here are the 3 teasers -

 photo Frame_zps98bf44ee.jpg    photo Cat3-Blue_zpsfff10d79.jpg    photo AC5_zps9c978479.jpg

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