September 23rd, 2014


OOoops I Went MIA .... By Accident!

Only I could manage that!

I suddenly realised that the days are flying past and I haven't really been around - just dipping in and out occasionally.  One of the side-effects oof this "illness I don't actually have!!" is that I find it hard to concentrate and focus on anything at all some days.  The aches and poor sleeping making that worse, I know, but it is doubly frustrating.

No work today, which means that the bank will be sad, but I am determined to both rest and do some catching up ... and (if I feel motivated) do a bit more fence painting.

When I arrived at M&D's it was to be greeted by Jiffy (as ever), to show me his new hair-cut.  Jackie comes and collects him every 2 months, and off he goes for his beauty treatment ... more than I ver get!

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The weekend as ever was hectic, which doesn't help the rest of my week, as it does sap my "coping" mechanism.  But it's good to be able to help mum & dad to cope with life.  Although I have the garden looking "OK" it isn't as great as when Mum used to do it.  She was very into small plants - whereas I am happy if I can keep most of the weeds away!  Anyway here are is a quick look as to what it was looking like this weekend .... complete with guardian angel, of course -

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And, here are a few close ups of the flowers ... nothing to do with my care, they just managed to survive me!
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And, last but not least ....

Wishing act3scene1 a very happy birthday - and a lovely year ahead.
Breast Cancer

100 Days Of Happy - Day 45

Just had a text message from Claire ... she has had her check-up with her consultant, and he is pleased ... she wont need to go back till January, where she will have the first of her annual mammograms on the "other" side.

Feb 12th is a date that's etched in our hearts ... and today he has extended her appts again.  So great news for her ... and yes, I very, very happy.
Joyce - Ready to play

Joyce Summers Icons

This set of icons was made for Round 4 of btvsats20in20 and my theme was Joyce Summers ... sadly the distraction I am suffering from makes me feel that I have not done the amazing character the justice she deserves.

She didn't get as much air-time as she deserved, due to the overall story.  She was a mum, who had to cope with one, then two teenage girls ... and that neither of them were "normal" .... but maybe that shows that none of us are "normal" ... how do we cope with relationships around us?

I still wish more had been made of her "friendship" with Giles ... I must get my fic worked on!

Anyway, here are the 3 teasers -

 photo DramaticLight_zps1051503e.jpg    photo AC1_zps8630dac9.jpg    photo AC3_zpsf3e3da01.jpg

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