August 12th, 2014

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100 Days Of Happy - Day 25

I have had fun with the last couple of my icons that I am making for character20n20 .... quite away from what I normally do, but as I never expect to get voted for in this comp, as the rest of the competitors are outstanding, I thought I would do a couple of icons totally differently from my normal pattern!

It was fun - and one of them I actually ended up really happy with!

Now to post them!
Spike & Damon

Supernatural Characters In Icon Form

This set of icons is for Round 60 of character20n20 and the theme this time is one of supernatural characters.  There is no set person that you needed to chose, and my icons come from Vampire Diaries, BtVS and one from Torchwood.

This comm always is a challenge, and I notice this time a few have dropped out as it was too specific in it's requirements.  I am the opposite, in that I may moan and grumble, but those challenges are what make me hunt for new ideas in my icon making.  In fact a couple of these are like nothing I have ever made before - so it was a good learning curve for me!

Anyway, enough waffle - Here are the 3 teasers -

       photo Horns_zps877760d3.jpg      photo FangsandCloseUp_zps7291ac7d.jpg      photo Magic_zps2aa0081f.jpg

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